Healthy Relationships

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Reach out to find out how you can get low cost couple and/or family therapy. Sign up for sessions together, and learn to understand and relate to each other more effectively, building skills for healthier relationships. Appointments available now.

Couples are facing many challenges these days. Times have changed and divorce rates are high in this country, regardless of culture or religion. Couples are deciding on work and home duty expectations, disagreements about kids, money, whether to have a 1 or 2 income family, differing views on necessary amounts of time, money, sex, attention & affection. Many couples were not taught effective conflict resolution and communication skills as a part of growing up. It’s no wonder couples have trouble staying connected and being relational role models for their children. There is hope.  Are you married or in a committed relationship? Take the time to show your loved one that they matter and make an appointment together today.

Are you a parent who is experiencing defiance, ignoring, whining, acting out behaviors, lack of boundaries, entitlement? Let’s build relational skills that are likely to help your child want to change these behaviors.

Are you an adult who is having trouble with another family member? Experiencing boundary issues? Let’s get together to explore how to handle these sometimes difficult situations.

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