Mind/Body Connection

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As a clinician, I believe in a holistic approach to wellness. It is well known that there is a mind-body connection, specifically in the gut and psychological funtioning. If we take care of our bodies, we are more likely to have a better functioning brain. According to Dr Daniel Amen, renowned double board certified Psychiatrist, well known for his SPECT scan studies, there is a direct relationship in how we eat and how we function. First, in today’s society of fat free this and that, we are depriving our brains of much needed fats which is impairing our ability to function at optimal levels. There are good and bad fats. Diets high in saturated fats can cause heart disease. Diets high in Omega 3 fatty acids can help with depression, memory, anxiety, ADHD, dementia and a host of other issues. For the past 6 or 7 years, I have regularly recommended to clients that they […]

Love and Attraction

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              Love What is it? Is it that chemical wash of neurotransmitters you feel when you’re attracted to someone? Is it that fluffy feeling one gets when they think of their significant other, or butterflies in the stomach? How about that feeling like something is missing when they are not around? The feeling that you are perfect for each other and will live happily ever after? No. Love is not a fairy tale. Plain and simple. Love is commitment. Love is a decision. When you love someone, you want to be a better you. It is deciding to treat your partner with love despite not liking him/her that day. It is how you handle conflict in relationship. There will definitely be conflict. Love is the relationship that remains after the rose colored glasses come off and your best friend is standing there, flaws and all.     Attraction You see him/her, […]

Grief and Loss

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Sometimes it can seem unbearable. The loss of a parent, child, spouse, or other loved one is sometimes unfathomable, and yet it happens. Many people wonder how to go on after such a loss, especially a traumatic accident where one’s life is cut short unexpectedly with things undone and unsaid. You go on because you must. As callous as that may sound, it is the truth. You likely have people in your life who count on you for support, guidance, love, attention and affection. That does not stop because you are in pain. It doesn’t help you to wallow in your pain, let other loved ones go ignored, bills pile up and let your life become a mess in all areas. It may seem like you don’t care what happens to some of those things in the beginning, but that is grief talking. Emotions should not run our behaviors. Breathe, think and do what needs […]

Co-Parenting Heads Up

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Many children now live in 2 separate households. Whether you are an “intact” family or two homes, there are some things which parents need to know. It is essential that parents work together for the child’s well being. Both parents are important in a child’s life, if both are safe people. Many adults attempting to co-parent resist the other parent’s ideas, and/or talk negatively about that parent. Studies have shown that children tend to think that if the other parent is bad, then they are bad too, even if they are not old enough to understand the concept of heredity. One study reported that many young adults who’ve grown up in a household where one parent speaks very negatively or even chronically negatively about the other parent, that the child is less like to remain close to the negative speaker. The children generally will go through a phase where they are closer to that parent, […]

Thank You!

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Thanks so much to Heidi Breton at Startify, LLC  for help with the site, teaching me (Marie) and for professional hosting! Interested in a website for your business? Startify is a professional company providing web design, hosting among many other talents. From the LinkedIn description: Website design and development using WordPress, Genesis Themes, WooThemes, Gravity Forms, and other technology. Bookkeeping work both internal and external. Set up & management of Google Apps for Business customer accounts. Hosting and DNS support for customer accounts.